Profile - Alasdair Brownlee

1. Whats your full name?

Alasdair Ian Brownlee

2.What's your daytime job?

Retired at last! But busier than ever with Christian related work, and catching up on many DIY jobs.

3. What's your role within NESYFC?

Chairperson, plus help with any other work that needs done!

4. Can you tell us about your family?

Two daughters, Heather 47, Allison 34, two sons Sandy 33 and Ian 30 and 8 grandchildren.

5.Which Church are you part of?

Mintlaw Community Church, but also, of course, the wider body of the church which is all believers.

6.How did you become a Christian?

I was brought up in the Christian faith, but only fully gave my life to Christ about 20 years ago. I had a 'vision' of Christ and a blinding white light on the window sill of my bedroom! He told me to get my act together and start following Him. My new life in Him deepened during annual weeks away with young people at Carbisdale Castle and other locations. My wife Edna also helped me to change spiritually.

7.What do you most enjoy about being involved with NESYFC?

I have a heart for reaching young people and seeing their lives changed as they develop in their faith. Youth for Christ is well placed to do this, and being non denominational, there is none of the usual clutter and obstacles that so often get in the way of doing the active work. Relational youth work is at the heart of what YFC are all about, and this is the way Jesus engaged with people. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing troubled young people have their lives turned round, and coming up through the system to become good role models and leaders themselves.

8 What excites you most about God?

His constant surprises. His plans are often different to ours, and he takes us on a roller coaster, but we know that He works for good in everything we do for Him, and that is why we have to trust Him, because only He knows the way ahead.

9. What is your favourite fruit?

Has to be cherries. It used to be that you could only get cherries in season. I would eagerly wait for the first ones in the shops about June, and oh boy did they taste good. Now of course you get them all year round, and some of the anticipation and excitement has gone, but they are still my favourite.



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