The cage is a 7m wide venue (pictured) for the fast and intense game of Panna KO football. Games are 2-on-2, 2 minutes long, skills-focused and quite different to normal football. We take the cage into communities, where a crowd of young people soon builds up, allowing our team the chance to get to know them, and providing opportunities to make a positive difference to young lives. As well as providing a sporting activity with a focus on physical fitness and good health, the cage games provide a focus on working together, and good sportsmanship. Although our youth worker and volunteers are all Christians, we do not push our faith, but are driven to help others. By spending time with young people, our aim is to show them that we care for them, and are willing to walk with them through difficult times that they may experience. We aim to help young people feel valued, with a sense of good self worth and purpose. The cage allows us an opportunity to start on that journey.Cage

We had used a cage three times since 2008, in Aberdeen (Mastrick and Northfield), Kemnay and Buckie, each time bringing a cage from England, either with British Youth for Christ's Nomad team or borrowed from a friendly church. We now own our own cage (one of the first in Scotland), which is used regularly in our area, and is available for churches and other organisations to rent or borrow as appropriate, as a resource to the wider Christian community in North East Scotland. The ministry launched in Aberdeen in June 2012.

You can see a video of a cage we borrowed for mission in Buckie here.

We are grateful to a number of charitable trusts, generous individuals and local businesses for providing funds to make the cage project a reality. If you're interested in supporting the cage please click here for more information. If you'd like to volunteer as part of the team or would like to cage to come to your area, please give us a call on 07765 953878 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a sponsorship form or for more information.