Mettle (14-18s)

Newly developed by YFC, Mettle is a cutting-edge resource designed to build Courage, Spirit and Character in 14-18 year olds. Mettle is not a 'quick fix' course of Christianity. It's more of an ongoing programme that will help 14-18s make informed choices, based on biblical thinking, throughout this rapidly changing and challenging time of their lives. The resources are easy to adapt for groups of any size and are suitable for those with or without a church background.

Mettle is made up of Core Subjects (basics of Christianity), Hot Potatoes (key issues facing young people), and Wildcards (fun ideas to strengthen the group through social/practical activities). A special Intro Pack provides enough material for 6 sample group sessions along with a DVD and guidelines on how to make the most of these new resources. The sample sessions can be dropped in and enjoyed at any point in your current programme. Alternatively, if you're planning to set up a new group, why not use Mettle as your ideal launch base? "Mettle gives you the tools you need to help build relationships, share responsibilities, and lead your young people to manage their own behaviour. Mettle links learning and practice in ways that help us to treat each person as a unique individual," Lorne Campbell, Church Resources Department, Youth for Christ.

Mettle is an excellent resource to follow on from an existing Rock Solid or RS2 club, or to run as a standalone group to reach out to unchurched young people in their mid to late teens. NESYFC can supply all three resources on behalf on national Youth for Christ, or whichever meet your needs; cost is £10 per month for 1, £18 a month for 2 or £25 a month for all 3. As with the other resources we can provide, full training and support is available to get your group started and to keep your volunteers up to date. Please contact us if you're interested.

You can also get more information from the British YFC website here.


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