For the last 3 years, we have been working alongside other churches and organisations already active in the area. There is currently little provision for the secondary age young people, and we have already been working in St Machar Academy, and other activities. More detail can be found here. For the youth worker’s outline of activities, see here.

Our full time youth worker, Curtis Sangbarani, started with us on 12th January 2015. For more detail on how the work is going, see below weekly activity, taken from our latest Newsletter.

Outreach Update Dec 2017

From Curtis, our full time youth worker

It’s been such a fantastic term so far and I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas already and soon to be another year gone by. We have had a lot of positives as we look back upon this term.

Befriending has been going very well, with both the young lads I meet with doing activities such as bowling, pool, eating (which is always good!) and going to the Aberdeen games. 

Sams + is still running, although many of them have been unable to make it lately, which means I had to put on even more weight from eating most of the food we had made for them.

School Pastors. We are building up some great relationships and continuing connections with those who we worked with last year at Riverbank Primary as p7s, and are now St Machar Academy first years. The school pastor lunch club is still as packed out as ever and I’m enjoying beating many of the kids when it comes to playing chess, the only time I ever win!

The Riverbank football team from last year were invited to be in the parade for switching on the Christmas lights with Denis Law, with over fifteen thousand people of all ages in attendance on Sunday 26th November, a cold but clear evening. Denis Law, Manchester United legend, comes from Woodside, next to Tillydrone. The football team from this year has been going very well. We have a young lad we have been working with for years who was a previous member of the football team, who has now came in as a coach and has been tremendous. It is great to see those who we have worked with now working alongside us. He is also involved with the Lighthouse Bible study alongside one of the leaders, and the change in his life has been amazing - he is even encouraging fellow pupils from St Machar Academy, which can be daunting to go along to prayer meetings and Bible groups run through the Lighthouse.

The SU group has just started up again, running until April in Riverbank Primary. We had a great turn out the first week, with many girls and also many boys, who we have built up relationships with in the football team, who are now attending. It consists of some fun crafts and games and also a God slot where we will share the Bible with them. The Lighthouse old premises is due to get knocked down before the end of this year, and they have had to find temporary premises to work out of.  Currently, meetings are getting held mostly in the Lads Club. Please pray that the vital work of the Lighthouse ministry will not be disrupted by this situation.

Fusion Youth Nights at Deeside. We have also partnered up with Deeside Christian Fellowship initially to the end of this year -  taking our cage football into the their church on the Fusion Friday youth nights every second week. This has been well attended, and a lot of young people are enjoying getting use of the football cage, and relationships formed.

Cage Volunteers. As we move forward, we ask for prayer as we look to increase the amount of volunteers we have for our cage football, as recently we have had to cancel a few cage events due to lack of volunteers. If you know of anyone who can spare a few hours a week, especially from April to September, please let us know. It is to help with the setting up and taking down and also manning – no special skills needed!

On a positive note we are looking forward to all our Christmas parties coming up as we celebrate such a fantastic year in all areas of the work.


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