Youth and Schools Work

The following are activities with which our youth worker is regularly involved, however, face-to-face work with young people has been impacted by the imposition of COVID-19 restrictions.  We are thankful however to have been able to maintain contact with young people through a mixture of blended and online activities as detailed below.  These activities will be reviewed with an aim of return to face-to-face delivery as easing of restrictions permit.

Other activities which have been on hold are currently under review for preparation and restart as easing of restrictions permit.

Lighthouse / Donside Community Church Specific

  • One-to-One Support – (Online/Blended)

A small team of volunteers has been formed who meet regularly on a one-to-one basis with young people for a walk, a coffee or something else.  The activity opens up a space for young people to speak more freely and directly about issues and life in general.  We have found that some of the best conversations with young people and moments of real growth happen during these times.

  • Illuminate – (Online/Blended)

Illuminate is a Wednesday night youth Bible study for those in S1-S6.  On average each week we’ll have between 5-10 young people attending the study where we cover everything from books of the Bible to current issues that young people face such as relationships, drugs, alcohol etc.  This is a high point in the week where we all enjoy spending time together, having fun and learning from Gods word.

  • Radiate – (Online)

Radiate runs every Tuesday evening from 6:30-7:00pm for children in P4-P7. Radiate runs as a weekly kids Bible club where we play games, sing songs, do challenges, learn memory verses and hear Bible stories. This is a high energy, fast paced group that’s bursting with fun!

  • Tuesday Night Football – (On Hold)

Every Tuesday night we meet from 9:00-10:00pm with a few of the local guys to play football.  This group is open to any teenage guy who fancies a bit of a kick about for an hour or so.  During this hour there is no set talk or thought shared, the aim being to simply have a bit of fun playing football with the local guys.

Schools Based Groups

  • Transforming Lives For Good (TLG) – (Online)

TLG is a one-to-one mentoring service provided in both Riverbank Primary School and St Machar Academy.  The aim of TLG is to support any pupils who the school have highlighted as struggling either with school work, behavioral or emotional issues.  Sessions consist of one coach, one pupil, one hour, once a week.  During a typical TLG session some games may be played, crafts made, projects worked on, followed by a chat about how the pupil is getting on.

  • St Machar Academy SU – (On Hold)

St Machar Academy SU meets every Friday during the school lunch break.  We can have anywhere between 5 and 10 young people join us.  Together we will go through a course such as Youth Alpha.  This has provoked many deep questions from a few of the young people.  This is a great space for young people to open up and discuss the things that are going on in their lives.

  • School Pastors – (On Hold)

School Pastors runs on a Wednesday lunchtime in St Machar Academy.  This is a drop in service for all young people in S1-S6.  It has no formal meeting structure, rather is a place young people can just meet their friends and interact with the school pastors volunteers through games, craft and food.

  • Lighthouse Explorers – (On Hold)

Lighthouse Explorers is a lunchtime SU group run in Riverbank Primary School for P4-P7 pupils.  It follows a very similar format to Radiate in that we spend the time playing games, hearing stories and doing challenges etc.  This is a great group that all the kids enjoy and we’ve managed to build some great relationships with both teachers and pupils.

  • Bible Alive – (On Hold)

Bible Alive is a 7 week R.E course that we run in Riverbank Primary School with P6 pupils on a weekly basis.  The course consists of interactive Bible lessons which fit in well with school curriculum requirements and have proved to be very popular with both pupils and teachers.

  • Riverbank Football Team – (On Hold)

We coach the local Riverbank Primary School football team.  This is a great way of getting the kids active and building up positive values through sport.  One young lad we have been working with for years, a previous member of the football team, came in as a coach and has been tremendous asset to the coaching team and kids alike.