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Youth Alpha has recently been reworked in partnership with Youth for Christ. It's a more informal version of the Alpha course using the same teaching content but presented differently.

Each session can be broken down into bite size chunks with suggestions for interactive games, video clips, music and stories aimed at young people. The course runs over ten weeks, plus a weekend or day away in the middle. Youth Alpha shares the same important elements as any Alpha course - food, worship, a talk, and small groups.

The resources come in three streams, which can be used interchangeably depending on the group and resources available. They are:
Alpha-Tech, using multi-media technology
Alpha-Active, using interactive teaching material
Alpha-Lite, a shorter version for use in school groups

Youth Alpha is being used in many countries across the world, from New Zealand to Sweden; from Iceland to the USA. It has been used successfully in big churches with flourishing youth ministries and also by individuals who have run it in their homes for a few teenagers.

To find out more at the Youth Alpha homepage at or contact us.


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