Resources for Churches

I wonder if you’ve ever spent hours trying to write a talk or to put a youth session together and felt like you’re getting nowhere fast? Or maybe there’s been time spent scouring the internet looking for ideas on how to tackle a specific theme or Bible study but everything you find just doesn’t seem to fit the context you’re working within.

Stress no more….

Youth for Christ’s heart is to see young people’s lives changed by Jesus, and a large part of that comes through the brilliant work you do within your local church. So look no further, we have the resources to help with the week to week youth ministry sessions that are flexible and allow you to either use the session as it is or to custom make your own session from the ideas across the resources database of ideas!

Find out more at British Youth for Christ or get a quick summary below.



We are passionate about 7-11s and hope that you are too. We have a whole load of different resources and tools that have been written in order to help you to work with children in your church and community. Whether you regularly work with loads of children or have a group of just a few, we want you to be able to deliver quality teaching and meaningful content that helps children and young people engage with Jesus.



Here you'll find all sorts of nifty bits and pieces to help inspire and equip you in your youthwork. Whatever your context and the kind of young people you work with- we've got your back covered. Many folk around the North East have benefited from the Rock Solid club materials which have proven especially popular.



We believe in the extraordinary potential of young people! We hope our resources will help to engage your young people in questions of life and faith today, whether or not they're from a churched or unchurched background and get them to think about how they can become who Jesus has truly called them to be.

The Mettle resource is aimed at discipling 14-18’s into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Our Frames resource is aimed at young people who aren’t currently in church and centres around videos and discussion.

And then there’s the quality fun of residentials!!



Stats from the evangelical alliance show that whilst 96% of church leaders view young adult outreach as top priority or equal top priority in their ministry - only 11% feel that they have the resources to equip them to reach this age group. We want to help the church in the area where it feels so poorly under-resourced.

With this in mind we have an amazing resource called Ethos! It is a free film series complete with small group questions on all sorts of topics.

The Year Out is a phenomenal discipleship year for young adults and we have more incredible resources from partner organisations that you can check out too. Enjoy!


Family Resources

We are passionate about helping families to 'do faith' in a way that is normal, fun and part of an everyday routine. The way that will work will be totally different for every family and we want to try to help you find the routine and the ways that you can make it work.

One of the hardest church services to plan can often be the ‘all age service’. This is where our brilliant resources, The All In Thing, could be a huge help!


Youth Leader Development resources

As Youth and Children's workers - we get that there is always more that we can be learning. This is why the Youth for Christ resources site has a dedicated place to help you learn. Here you'll find a training wall full of excellent tips and tricks from practitioners. You'll find a blog with thought-provoking thoughts on modern day youth work. You'll also find news about Youth for Christ training events.


All of these brilliant resources can be found on the National Youth for Christ Resources website – - check it out!!